National Roof Over Your Head Day

You may not have heard, but December 3rd is National Roof Over Your Head Day!

For many families, winter season brings forth images of enjoying a hot beverage indoors while your pets sleep by the fire. While the snow falls though, some animals will be spending their winter outdoors. Here’s how you can help…

  1. If you have a dog or cat that lives for the winter and loves playing outdoors in the snow, be sure they still have access to water. Heated water bowls prevent animals’ water sources from freezing over.
  2. If you know of a backyard dog, try to convince the owners to make space indoors for the winter. Make sure that the dog has shelter and fresh water and contact the authorities if they don’t.
  3. Sponsor a doghouse for a chained outdoor dog through a non-profit like PETA.
  4. Check out this tutorials and learn how to build your own insulated or heated dog house for yourself or a neighbor.
  5. Help out a local animal shelter! Three Rivers Humane Society in Madras is raising money to build a permanent facility with their Raise the Roof Campaign.
  6. Shelter, food, and water are especially important to stray and feral cats in the winter. If you’re worried about the cats you see around your neighborhood in the winter, check out this guide for providing shelter to outdoor cats.
  7. Know the signs of hypothermia. If you have an animal in trouble, suffering from extreme cold, contact your veterinarian or Bend Animal Emergency and Specialty Center at 541-385-9110 for help.

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